RoamHero Features

If you don’t like paying for roaming and you buy a Local SIM when you travel then let RoamHero forward your calls from your HOME SIM to your Local SIM wherever you are. If you are not there to take the call, don’t worry, RoamHero V-Mail will pick up your missed call.

Here are all the features that RoamHero brings you.


Calls made to your HOME SIM card will follow you regardless of what SIM card you are using in your phone

Tools for Travlers

Quick Access to Android’s most used tools by globe trotters like you

Receiving Calls

RoamHero will automatically enable your Local SIM to Receive calls from your HOME SIM card when you travel and put it in your phone


RoamHero provides you the most amazing rate for receiving your calls when you are abroad

RoamHero V-Mail

Access messages from all your unanswered calls with RoamHero V-Mail

RoamHero Number

You get a dedicated phone number for life in your HOME country. This is your number and people can reach you there.