What is RoamHero?

RoamHero is an Android app that helps you avoid international voice roaming fees, offers call forwarding nationally and internationally as well as  Voicemail.

Who would benefit from using RoamHero?

RoamHero helps savvy travelers, business or leisure, avoid roaming fees when traveling overseas. RoamHero is also for people who want to use a forwarding number and Smart Voicemail outside the U.S.

I already use Google Voice.  Do I need RoamHero?

Google Voice is currently only available in the U.S. whereas RoamHero works both in the U.S. and in other countries.  RoamHero’s Follow-Me and V-Mail enables you to have your calls follow you anywhere you go even to other SIM cards you buy and use when you travel.  You also get a Visual Voicemail box that keeps all your voicemails from all your phone numbers.

How does it work?

Just download the app, register your phone, and you’re ready to go.  If you’re an existing Google Voice customer, please note that RoamHero Voicemail will replace your existing voicemail.

Is there a fee for using RoamHero?

The app is free to download.  When you register your phone with RoamHero there is monthly service fee $3.99/month and the first month is free.  Separately, a $0.15/minute international Follow-Me charge may apply.   Check our rate page for rates to your travel destination.

How do I save on roaming fees when I travel?

Instead of paying exorbitant roaming fees, get RoamHero before you travel and then buy a Local SIM card in the country where you travel.  You only pay a registration service fee of $3.99 for the month and $0.15 per minute to receive calls in most countries.  To make calls use your Local SIM card as you would normally at local rates (not roaming rates).

On which phones can I use RoamHero?

Currently RoamHero can be used on Android phones.  Just download the app on Google Play.  We will soon release an iPhone app.  Follow us on Twitter and Friend us onFacebook to receive updates.

Does RoamHero work for voice, SMS and data?

Currently RoamHero can be used for incoming voice calls while keeping your same number. RoamHero is a great solution in places where data connections are unreliable or expensive. In 2013 RoamHero will include SMS, data and the ability to call-out as well.

What if my operator is not a GSM provider?

If you have service from a CDMA mobile operator you can still save and use Local or Global SIM cards when you travel. We recommend you use a CDMA Global Phone, which really means that it has both CDMA and GSM technology (Motorola has many models that do the job well). Note that you will need to make sure that the phone is unlocked so that you can put in any SIM card in the GSM slot. Once you travel to another country, buy a Local SIM card, put your phone in GSM mode and RoamHero will do the rest.

Why should I Register my SIM card with RoamHero?

You only need to register your HOME SIM card with RoamHero. This will enable the RoamHero V-Mail for you and turn on Follow-Me. When you reach your travel destination and buy a Local SIM card, put it into your phone and RoamHero will automatically read that SIM card and start forwarding all your calls to this new Local SIM card.