When you buy mobile service from your mobile operator you get a GSM SIM card.
This is your HOME SIM card. When it is in your phone, it tells the network
who your network operator is, what your phone number is and what plan you
have. Many operators pre-install this SIM card in your phone when you buy
your phone with your plan.

When you travel, your phone will most likely work as is in many countries. However,
you will be saddled with very expensive roaming fees. Rates can be as expensive
as $3.00 per minute and you can easily rack up hundreds and thousands of dollars
in roaming fees. But there is a better way to travel.

Millions of people have figured it out!
When you travel, you can save a lot of money by not paying for those roaming fees.
You can buy a local SIM card in the country where you
travel or you can buy a Global SIM card. Take out your HOME SIM card
from your phone and put in one of these SIM cards.

There are three things you need to do to avoid all roaming fees, forever:

First, some operators lock your phone and don’t want you to put in another SIM card in it.
Learn how to do this here unlocking your phone.

Secondly, you’ll want to buy either a Local or Llobal SIM card when you travel. Local SIM cards offer the best value. You buy these in the country where you travel or you can order them ahead of time. Global SIM cards offer better value than roaming but they are a bit more expensive per minute than Local SIM cards.

And finally, you will want all the calls that people make to your home number routed to whatever SIM card you are using when you travel. And that is where RoamHero comes in. We will route your calls to your Local or Global SIM card and send them to your Smart Voicemail in case you don’t pick up.