Avoid paying International Roaming when traveling.

If you use a Global CDMA phone that has a slot for a SIM card take out the SIM card provided by your mobile provider. That SIM is used for traditional roaming and will cost you big-bucks when using it. So, get either a local SIM card or a Global SIM card and put it in that slot. And switch your network settings from CDMA to GSM.

When using RoamHero Follow-Me, you won’t miss calls to your HOME phone number even if you put in a Local SIM card. Your calls will be routed from your home, through the RoamHero cloud and to the Local or Global SIM card that you are using. (Hint: compare RoamHero Follow-Me rates to your carrier’s roaming rates.)

Make sure your phone is unlocked. See how to unlock it here.

Note that some CDMA Global phones restrict use of SIM cards to some carriers even if the phone is unlocked.